Wacom’s New Intuos4 Tablet Doubles the Pressure Sensitivity, More

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Wacom on Wednesday introduced Intuos4, its latest pen tablet featuring 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, a refined asymmetrical design, customizable shortcut and modifier keys with accompanying OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) displays, and more. New proprietary Tip Sensor technology, along with a doubling of the pressure sensitivity, allows users to emulate a light touch.

Intuos4 is available in four wide-format sizes: small (US$229), medium ($369), large ($499), and extra-large ($789). Its asymmetrical design puts the customizable Expresskeys and Touch Ring on one side, making them available to the user's non-dominant hand, and the OLED displays, which are not available in the small size, enable users to see the customization for each ExpressKey.

The Touch Ring is a new feature that can control up to four different functions in any application. A button in the center of the ring toggles it between functions, with an illuminated LED along the perimeter indicating its current function.

The Intuos4's new Grip Pen features a pressure-sensitive eraser and two customizable side switches. An optional wide-body replacement grip is available for users who need a thicker barrel. The new weighted pen stand also functions as a storage compartment for pen nibs and the nib removal tool. A cordless, battery-free mouse is included for users who need it for certain tasks.

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Nice to see they have FINALLY upgraded the specs. The level of sensitivity has been the same for the Intuos 1, 2, and 3. Wider ratio is nice too. Too bad the price is the same as it was 10 years ago, but at least you are getting more for your dollar (or pound, euro, rupe, dubloom, etc.) I wish they would get rid of the mouse; I hate paying for something that no one ever uses.


I wish they would get rid of the mouse

Me too.

For that matter, I wouldn’t mind a “dumbed-down” version that has the newly-increased pressure-sensitivity, but no extraneous buttons outside the active area.


...and if you’re left handed?

previous intuos tablets had left and right mirrored buttons, so left handers could have equal access. These ones I can see needing to be disabled completely, as your wrist / forearm is going to be brushing over / pressing them all the time.

unless the tablet can be rotated, but from the looks of the cable input, i suspect not.


...and if you?re left handed?


That’s the whole point of the new asymmetrical design.
(Although I don’t know that it has two power cord locations. So you may have to deal with the cord location and routing it out of your way.)

The Intuos site says:
“Left, Right, Left
The innovative, ambidextrous design of Intuos4 allows you to maximize the productivity of both your hands. By placing all of the ExpressKeys and the Touch Ring on the same side of the tablet, they are in the perfect position for use with the hand that is not holding the pen. Simply rotate the tablet 180? degrees, and change a single control panel setting, to adjust the tablet from a right-handed to a left-handed configuration.

Extra Comfort
Intuos4 is the most comfortable Intuos tablet yet. The slim-profiled tablet has gently sloping palm rests that provide complete support for working on all areas of the tablet…..”


From the review at PC Mag (emphasis added by me):

The Wacom features a convenient new ambidextrous design. Right-handers can attach the USB cable to the right-side port, putting the controls on the left. Lefties simply rotate the tablet 180 degrees and plug the USB cable into what is then the left side. The OLED labels adjust automatically to an orientation with right-side controls.

The whole article here:

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