Wacom's New Intuos4 Tablet Doubles the Pressure Sensitivity, More

Wacom on Wednesday introduced Intuos4, its latest pen tablet featuring 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, a refined asymmetrical design, customizable shortcut and modifier keys with accompanying OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) displays, and more. New proprietary Tip Sensor technology, along with a doubling of the pressure sensitivity, allows users to emulate a light touch.

Intuos4 is available in four wide-format sizes: small (US$229), medium ($369), large ($499), and extra-large ($789). Its asymmetrical design puts the customizable Expresskeys and Touch Ring on one side, making them available to the user's non-dominant hand, and the OLED displays, which are not available in the small size, enable users to see the customization for each ExpressKey.

The Touch Ring is a new feature that can control up to four different functions in any application. A button in the center of the ring toggles it between functions, with an illuminated LED along the perimeter indicating its current function.

The Intuos4's new Grip Pen features a pressure-sensitive eraser and two customizable side switches. An optional wide-body replacement grip is available for users who need a thicker barrel. The new weighted pen stand also functions as a storage compartment for pen nibs and the nib removal tool. A cordless, battery-free mouse is included for users who need it for certain tasks.