Walgreens Memo Claims Saturday Apple Pay Launch

iOS 8's mobile payment system Apple Pay could get its official launch on October 18, only two days after a media event where Apple is expected to introduce new iPad models. The hint at the potential launch date comes from an internal Walgreens memo pointing out the weekend start.

Leaked memo says Apple Pay launching at Walgreens this SaturdayLeaked memo says Apple Pay launching at Walgreens this Saturday

When Apple unveiled Apple Pay in early September as an iOS 8 feature, Walgreens was highlighted along with several other companies such as Staples, Target, McDonald's and Whole Foods as partners. Many big well known banks are on board, too.

Apple Pay lets iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners use their smartphone to pay for goods and services instead of swiping their creditcard through a reader. Apple Pay links to user's creditcards, so transactions are processed just as they would be if an actual card had been used.

It's possible Apple Pay support will roll out in waves with some companies and banks jumping on board right away while others join in over the coming weeks. USAA, for example, has said its banks will start Apple Pay support on November 7.

Recent developer builds of iOS 8.1 have included Apple Pay support, so it's possible the public will get to try out Apple's new mobile payment platform soon. If so, the official release of iOS 8.1 can't be far off.

[Thanks to Mac Rumors for the heads up]