Walmart Cuts iPhone 4, 4S Prices

Big box retailer Walmart reduced the prices for the AT&T version of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S on Friday, leading to speculation that new versions of Apple’s combination iPod and smartphone are coming this spring.

The 8GB iPhone 4 was reduced from US$88 to $34 with a two-year contract, and Cult of Mac found that at least in one store the 16GB iPhone 4S price had dropped from $188 to $114. The Walmart website, however, lists the iPhone 4 at $117 and out of stock, while tagging the iPhone 4S as “Store pricing may vary.”

Walmart cuts iPhone 4, iPhone 4S pricesWalmart cuts iPhone 4, iPhone 4S prices

While a price drop like this can indicate a move to clear out inventory ahead of a product refresh, Walmart may simply be offering customers a better deal now. Since only the AT&T models are discounted, the retailer could also have a special deal with the cell service provider.

Apple broke its spring refresh cycle by introducing the iPhone 4S last fall, so introducing new models this spring would give the 4S less than a year on the market. Since the current model is selling well and has had less than 12 months on store shelves, it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll see the iPhone 5 in the coming weeks.

That said, Apple has a history of releasing products on its own schedule, so there’s a slim chance that new models will come out earlier than expected.