Walmart’s $45 “Unlimited” iPhone Plan Capped at 2 GB Per Month

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The attractively-priced “Unlimited” iPhone plan from Walmart and Straight Talk Wireless, announced earlier this month, is not truly unlimited according to a report Monday from TechNewsDaily. Like many other carriers who advertise “unlimited” plans, users are capped at 2 GB of data on the Straight Talk iPhone plan, making it less enticing for those who consume lots of data on the go.

The plan, offered by Straight Talk exclusively for Walmart customers, features a low monthly price of $45 and is contract-free. Interested customers must purchase an unsubsidized iPhone, but the savings on the monthly charges more than compensate for the upfront cost in the long run.

Now it appears that the “unlimited” plan was too good to be entirely true:

Walmart last week announced the availability of iPhone 5 on a Straight Talk no-contract plan with unlimited voice, text and data, but like most so-called unlimited plans, this one too has a limit. For $45 a month, you can use up to 2GB of data, which these days isn't a whole lot. Stream a movie on your shiny new iPhone? Not likely.

According to the report, customers will not be cut off after reaching the 2 GB limit, but they will have speeds reduced to practically unusable levels until the next billing cycle begins.

Truly unlimited data is now nearly impossible to find in most countries, but many customers do not currently use large amounts of cellular data. For those with limited data needs, the low price and contract-free nature of the Straight Talk plan means that it remains an interesting option. Data hogs hoping for a cheap “unlimited” plan, however, will be forced to look elsewhere.

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…customers will not be cut off after reaching the 2 GB limit, but they will have speeds reduced to practically unusable levels…

In other words, Straight Talk, which uses the AT&T network, offers the exact same kind of “unlimited data” that people like me have with AT&T, except they really do have unlimited talk and text. Given the price differences, I’m still seriously considering going contract free next time I want a new phone.


You don’t have to buy from Walmart to use StraightTalk. You can get a SIM or micro-SIM, either directly on their site or from Walmart, and use it with an AT&T unlocked iPhone. That’s what I did with my iPhone 4 when the contract was up.

They don’t have nano-SIMs available on the web site, and I couldn’t find any in the store (very shambolic). ST’s customer service says that the iPhone 5 from Walmart/StraightTalk does NOT use a SIM. Frankly, I find that hard to believe and think that they just don’t know.

The iPhone 5 from Walmart is only 16GB which is a pity. I’d replace my iPhone 4 with a new iPhone 5 but 16GB is smaller than I’m using now. Since I can’t get a nano-SIM, I can’t do that.


Straight Talk uses both T-Mobile and AT&T. Unless coverage is an issue in an area, I personally would go directly with T-Mobile. Straight Talk 1) doesn’t allow roaming, and 2) it plays the same games as AT&T likes to do regarding when it tethers speed. For fifty dollars a month on T-Mobile you get unlimited everything. After a defined soft cap (e.g. 2 GB) T-Mobile drops you from 4G to 3G.

If the extra $5 is that important to you, Walmart also offers a Family Talk plan which is just rebranded T-Mobile plans. The only difference is you don’t get roaming.


I spent a while looking at Q&A on Walmart site, including comments from folks who actually have purchased ST iPhone 5. There’s also some info on ST’s own site that I hadn’t been able to find previously (

Turns out that the phone is CDMA version, using Verizon’s network. It doesn’t have a SIM and ST says not to put one in. ST also says that the phone can’t be unlocked, and that’s a big turn-off for me since I want to use it when I vacation in Europe.

Maybe T-Mobile is the better way to go since they have nano-SIMs that I can put in an unlocked iPhone 5. Can you give a bit more info on the $50 plan you mention. I couldn’t see it on T-Mob site (but haven’t spent a lot of time looking, yet)

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