Want In-app Purchases Back in ComiXology? There’s a Survey for That

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When ComiXology pulled in-app purchases from its iPad app after being bought by Amazon, the digital comic experience was ruined for a lot of us. If that includes you, it's time to make your voice heard. ComiXology is conducting a customer survey right now where you can tell the company exactly how you feel about losing in-app purchases.

Want in-app comic purchases back in ComiXology for the iPad? Let them knowWant in-app comic purchases back in ComiXology for the iPad? Let them know

The survey includes questions about buying digital and print comics, the types of comics you read, what devices you use for reading digital comics, what your buying experience was like... the usual customer survey questions you'd expect to see. It's question 20, however, that sets this survey apart:

What, if anything, would you like to see improved on the comixology.com website?

The answer to that question: Add back in-app purchasing to the iPad app.

If enough people tell ComiXology just how disappointed they are in the change, especially since the ComiXology-based apps comic publishers offer still include in-app purchasing, maybe the company will listen. We can live in hope.

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Amazon really doesn't like the idea of sharing 30 percent of ComiXology's sales with Apple, so it won't be easy to convince the company to change. Still, if we don't try there isn't any hope of making ComiXology into the great experience it once was.

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People who make such long surveys are not interested in my feedback.

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