Want a Free iPad? Buy a New Cadillac

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If you’ve been wanting to know how you can get a free iPad, we are delighted to tell you that we’ve found the answer. All you have to do is buy is a new 2013 Cadillac XTS, a new luxury sedan being produced at the high end of General Motor’s luxury brand.

2013 Cadillac XTS

A free iPad? Just buy one of these…
Source: Cadillac

General Motors announced this week that it will be including a free iPad with the purchase of the the XTS as a training extension of the Cadillac User Experience (CUE), which is the name of the in-vehicle capacitive touch interface control system for accessing entertainment and information in your Cadillac.

iPad with Cadillac CUE App

The CUE app replicates the CUE interface
Source: Cadillac

The iPads will come pre-loaded with Cadillac’s CUE app, which, as noted above, replicates the CUE interface in one’s cadillac, but includes helpful tutorials in how to actually use it. The iPads will also have GM’s MyCadillac app and OnStar RemoteLink, though they will have to reload them once they sign in with their own iTunes accounts.

Demoing the CUE App

The CUE app being demoed
Source: Cadillac

The 2013 Cadillac XTS goes into production later this spring and will ship in the second half of 2012. GM has not announced pricing for the car, but did say it was being, “positioned directly above the centerpiece CTS family in Cadillac’s revamped lineup.”

We can assume the car will start somewhere above the $499 starting price of the iPad in order to cover the cost of the training tool.

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What I want to know, Bryan, is can you actually remotely control the car with the iPad, allowing one to sit comfortably in the rear seat of one’s Caddy and use the iPad as a virtual chauffeur.

Perhaps chauffeurs are nonessential for the XTS, but are a must-have for the Bentley or the Rolls. Must needs maintain appearances and all.

other side

Novel concept.

But I’d rather buy just the iPad, and use the remaining $44,500 for other things. smile


Y’know, sometimes I wonder…

Remember way back when Mac users used to talk about how there were lots of Windows machines that were being used as shipping terminals and cash registers and things like that?  It was deemed that those “market share” comparisons weren’t important because most of those Windows machines weren’t actually being used for anything except that one thing—printing shipping labels or running the cash register.  It’s not like anybody was using their cash registers to surf the web or read e-mail or play games or anything like that.

Now I see all these iPads being used as POS devices, car monitoring systems, reference manuals and things like that and I start to wonder how many of those “record selling iPads” are actually being used by real people for stuff…

Lee Dronick

I start to wonder how many of those ?record selling iPads? are actually being used by real people for stuff?

Probably most of them.

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