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Product Link : TotalFinder (Free Alpha, $15 for Release)
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If you spend any amount of time surfing the Internet with a Web browser, you no doubt have taken advantage of a tabbed interface, which allows you to switch between multiple browser views in a single window. Most acknowledge that this innovation was introduced in NetCaptor around 1997 and of course was part of Apple’s Safari browser when it was released in 2003. However, this tabbed behavior hasn’t yet made it to Apple’s Finder. While Finder does a fine job of allowing basic navigation of the Mac’s file system, it doesn’t offer a tabbed interface. Enter TotalFinder!

TotalFinder is a plugin which modifies the behavior of the Finder in-memory, adding many useful features, the first being tabs. As you may expect, just as with most modern browsers, just press Command-T, and a new tab appears in the Finder. If you’d like to reorder the tabs, just grab one and move it to where you’d like. Want to convert a tab to its own Finder window? Just drag the tab to the Desktop. Want to combine Finder windows? Just drag one into another and a tab will be created.

Finder with Tabs!

Once you have multiple tabs, you can perform operations that would previously require you to have multiple Finder windows open. Want to move a file from one folder to another? Just drag it from one tab to the other. Simple. Want to close a tab? As you’d expect, Command-W will do this. If you want to always have a Finder window available, there’s a Visor mode that will, upon pressing a user-defined Hotkey, place a Finder window along the bottom of your screen.

There’s also an Asepsis set of features, which will prevent the creation of .DS_Store files. These are normally invisible files which can store custom attributes of a folder, but tend to clutter up local and network volumes which are shared with other operating systems. Finally, there’s a group of Tweaks that you can implement, such as Show System Files, Folders on Top, Always Maximize, and Toggle Dual Mode. If you’d like, you can also Remove TotalFinder from Status Menu, and even Keep Original Finder Dock Icon.

So, make the most of your Finder experience, and check out TotalFinder today! Have another other Gadgets that make your Mac easier to use? Send an email to John, and he’ll give it a spin.

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Hi John,

Thanks for letting us know the pros of this bit of software. It definitely sounds like a very handy tool. However, a review isn’t really complete unless the author details any cons that may come with what they are reviewing.

So, does TotalFinder integrate seamlessly and painlessly with the Finder, or does plugging it in cause any of the ‘glitchiness’ or odd behavior that I, at least, have experienced with this kind of thing before? Otherwise, did you experience any downsides to using TotalFinder?

Inquiring minds want to know! I want to know!

John F. Braun

Hi MOSiX Man—

I’ve been running TotalFinder for a few weeks, and despite the Alpha classification, which would normally make me nervous, I can’t say I’ve had any issues which I can attribute to the software.  They do have a change log which you can peruse:


but I guess I’ve just never run into any of the issues.  If there’s any downside, I guess it would be that it only runs on Snow Leopard, and not earlier versions of Mac OS X.


Comparison with Pathfinder?


Comparison with Pathfinder?


I haven’t tried to run a Finder-enhancer for years but they bring so many great ideas to the Mac Finder that it kills me that Apple just lets the current Finder plod along every year without any significant change?  QuickLook?  Probably very useful for some people but not me.  Tabs?  Now that’s a feature that should have been around in 10.2.

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