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Product : smcFanControl 2.2.2 (Donationware)
Company : eidac

The System Management Controller is an internal subsystem in Intel Macs that is responsible for power management of the computer. It controls backlighting, hard disk spin down, sleep and wake, some charging aspects, trackpad control, and some input/output as it relates to the computer sleeping. If your computer is acting up, you may want to reset the SMC. But you may also want to modify the behavior of your Mac when it comes to fan speed. Enter smcFanControl.

When you run smcFanControl, it will place a small indicator in your menu bar showing you the current processor temperature and fan speed. This is is a great way to understand the correlation between temperature and fan speed. There is a fan RPM that you can't set below a certain minimum, but you can use smcFanControl to raise the minimum RPM. You may want to do this if you'd like to keep your Mac's CPU cooler, or if you get into situations where the fans are on full blast. By running the fans at a higher RPM, you can help prevent this situation.

smcFanControl Preferences

You can set individual minimum RPM values for all of the fans in your system. On a MacBook Pro, you should see two fans, with their minimum RPM set at 2000 RPM. You can change the menubar display so it displays both temperature and fan speed, just temperature, just fan speed, or a simple icon. If you display the temperature, you can choose to display in degrees C or F. You can also choose to check for updates on startup, and autostart smcFanControl on login. Finally, you can load different profiles depending on if your power source is battery, AC power, or if you're charging.

So, make sure your Mac stays cool, and check out smcFanControl today! Have any other gadgets that take the heat off your Mac? Send an email to John and he'll give it a try.

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You could expand on this article by adding commentary about http://www.lobotomo.com/products/FanControl/

I switched from smcFanControl to FanControl



You should want people that they can seriously screw up their Mac with this.

John F. Braun

You should want people that they can seriously screw up their Mac with this.

Since this utility only lets you raise the minimum fan speed, and not reduce it, I’m not quite sure how this can seriously screw up you Mac.


What about iMac’s? I have a first gen Aluminum 24” iMac that gets so hot from playing WoW that it scares me. I downloaded this and it says my machine is not supported. Is an iMac version expected? I would gladly pay for one if there was, because this seems valuable for desktop computers as well as laptops.



Both smcFanControl and FanControl support the iMac.
I have smcFC on one iMac and FC on another.
Ignore the not supported message.


What a minute.  Doesn’t the Law of Diminishing Returns apply here?  The faster you run the fans, the hotter the motors and the inside of your Mac get.

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