WarBirds Dogfights Lets Players Achieve Title of ‘WGFP’

iEntertainment on Thursday announced the retail availability of WarBirds Dogfights, the publisher’s latest flight sim World War II combat game for Mac and PC. Gamers can try their hand at single-player missions over Europe and the Pacific Ocean, or head online and battle live opponents in arenas. The ultimate goal is to earn enough points to achieve the title of “WGFP”: World’s Greatest Fighter Pilot.

The game features 100 historically accurate aircraft, along with historical terrains that include London, Paris, Berlin, the Philippines, and Midway. Offline games can be played on one of three levels of difficulty: rookie, pilot, or ace.

Warbirds Dogfights retails for US$29.95. Players get a free 30-day trial of iEntertainment’s massively multiplayer online game WarBirds, where they can join online squadrons and participate in combat with dozens of other pilots. A product page isn’t available on iEntertainment’s web site yet, but it is listed at Amazon.com and other online retailers.