Warner Exec Joins Apple Legal Team

Elliott Peters, Warner Music Group senior vice president and head of digital legal affairs, is packing up and heading over to Apple. His new job will be as Apple’s corporate attorney director for iTunes Europe and Internet Services starting in December, according to Billboard.

“Elliott will be managing the European iTunes legal team, including full legal support for iTunes’ various stores and MobileMe in Europe,” the memo said.

Apple takes a bite out of Warner’s legal team

The memo also said ” In 2003, Elliott became our first digital lawyer and began to build our exceptional Digital Legal Affairs team, now comprised of Jon Glass, Virginia Lockhart and Tucker McCrady. Since that time, Elliott has had a hand in almost every major WMG digital deal.”

The hiring could put Apple in a better negotiating position with record labels since Mr. Peters is familiar with the inner workings of the music industry and has plenty of experience working out digital music deals.