Watch the Macworld All-Star Band Live from Cirque du Mac Tonight

Tonight marks the 10th incarnation of our annual Cirque du Mac party at Macworld/iWorld Expo in San Francisco, and for the first time this year (technology willing!) we'll have a stream of the Macworld All-Star Band's performance for those of you that can't be in San Francisco with us tonight!

The doors open for Cirque du Mac X tonight at 8pm PST, and the band will likely hit the stage for their first set at about 9:15pm or thereabouts (hey, it's rock and roll, after all). For those of you who don't know, this band was the brainchild of now General Manager for Macworld/iWorld, Paul Kent. He saw all of these Expo parties with irrelevant bands that no one knew and set out to change that. Pulling several of us part-time musicians whose day jobs were involved within the Mac community, he formed the Macworld All-Star Band back in 2001 for the first gig at The Cooler during Macworld Expo New York. The line-up changed a bit initially, but for the past 10 years has been steady with Paul Kent, of course, Chris Breen, Bob LeVitus, Chuck La Tournous, Duane Straub, Bryan Chaffin and, well, me, Dave Hamilton. It's been a fun run and while I tell the guys each year of the party is the last, that's much harder to say at the end of each party... so we'll see!

And this year Cirque du Mac wouldn't have been at all possible without the help from our extra special sponsors. These folks totally get the entire purpose for this party: to give something back to the community of which we're all a part. That's not to be taken lightly, either, and if you're there (or on the show floor, or really anywhere) and see someone from one of these companies, please tell them thank you. And they are: ProjectWizards, Squarespace, IDG, Garmin, Lantronix, Smile, Other World Computing and MovieTracker.

We'll have an article up later this evening with a window to the live stream that you can watch right here on the web, but if you wish you can also download the Backstage Pass iOS app to watch and even participate there. Additionally, there's a dedicated web page for viewing that may have a larger view depending on your screen.