Watchman Expands Beyond Remote Mac Monitoring with Windows Beta

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Mac IT managers and consultants tasked with monitoring large groups of Mac computers are about to see their jobs get just a little easier now that Watchman Monitoring is adding remote Windows PC support to their service. Watchman Monitoring offers remote status monitoring for OS X-based Macs as well as Linus PCs, but until now hasn't offered any support for Windows PC.

Watchman Monitoring adds beta Windows PC support to its Mac toolsWatchman Monitoring adds beta Windows PC support to its Mac tools

Watchman Monitoring works through a software add-on that transmits system status information back to whoever has been authorized to monitor the computers. The system can watch for issues like failed backups, system crashes, disk errors, and more. The collected data is then passed on to the IT department or consultant that's watching over the computers.

The tool also links in with other task management tools such as ZenDesk and remote maintenance and monitoring systems such as GSX.

Windows PC monitoring is available for now as a public beta for current Watchman subscribers. Watchman Monitoring subscriptions are available for US$75 a month for up to 25 computers, and $249 for up to 1,500 computers.

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I’m sure if I were a systems administrator / IT person I would know what this is, but as a programmer I only have limited IT knowledge. So, could someone clarify whether this is meant for monitoring Windows *servers* or Windows *desktops*?

From their website (I only read the home page) it sounds like it is to monitor a fleet of desktop PCs at a company’s offices.

Well, if that’s the case then its general good knowledge but not something I would need to use myself probably. Congrats to them on the new (expansion of a) product anyway.

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