watchOS 2 Delays Could be Related to Last-Minute FairPlay Error

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Earlier today Apple sent notes to various outlets announcing that watchOS 2 would not be released today due to a last-minute bug they found. Developer James Thomson took to Twitter to say that he might well have been the one that find the bug.

Here's the relevant parts of James' Twitter stream.

I'm glad Apple delayed the release, regardless of the source for the bug. It's much better to wait a few days for a stable product than it is to force it out on-schedule, knowing there are going to be major problems immediately. Kudos to Apple for this. And kudos to James and everyone else who responsibly submit bug reports to Apple.

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Cloud Garrett

Thanks for the info Dave,

While I, like many, were looking forward to WOS2 today, I too am grateful for the dev and beta testers for their work—and also glad Apple delayed the release to address the issue.

While there seems to be some heartburn and complaining on many of the forums about Apple being “lame” and “inefficient” for delaying the release, I’m guessing a lot of these people are the same to complain when an update it released before it’s 100% percent.

I’m sure Apple wasn’t thrilled with having to delay, but kudos to them for making what I believe is the correct (and ‘ballsy’) decision (especially with every nitpicker watching them with their hand on a trigger).


Thanks for the information, Dave.

Like Cloud Garrett, I too was looking forward to the OS2 update and to playing with it. Quite by coincidence, I posted a comment on John’s PD this week that Apple have a greater obligation to be responsible in their product rollouts (hardware and software) than to be either first or even quick.

This is delay is a sign of that responsible attitude, and Apple are to be saluted for it.

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