watchOS 2: Muting Activity Alerts

You ever have those days where you just can’t spare any time at all? Do you get annoyed by your Apple Watch reminding you that, hey, you need to move around for your health and all that good stuff? Well, with watchOS 2, Apple has provided a couple of handy-dandy ways to stop those activity notifications just for the day, so you don’t HAVE to know what a sedentary time you’re having. I’m as motivated by guilt as the next person, but I don’t always need my Watch to give me lip when I’m insanely busy, you know?

So here’s how it works. Assuming that you have, for example, stand notifications turned on (which you’ll control within the Watch app on your iPhone, under Notifications> Activity), these sorts of pop-ups should seem familiar:

Apple Watch reminder to stand

Under watchOS 2, scrolling down when you see one will give you the choice to mute them for the rest of the day.

watchOS 2's mute option for reminders to stand

If you’re unwilling to wait for an activity notification to come in to mute them, though, you can also do so within the iPhone Watch app (under Notifications> Activity, as I mentioned above):

Mute Apple Watch reminders from the Watch app on your iPhone

Great! Now I can be lazy—um, I mean, really really busy—in peace. And just in case I’ve only managed to whet your appetite for watchOS 2 tips, be sure to check out John Martellaro’s excellent TMO wrap-up of his ten favorite new tricks.