WaterField Intros Muzetto Laptop Bag

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WaterField introduced its new Muzetto laptop bag on Tuesday. The black leather bag will be available in several sizes designed to fit the iPad as well as different laptop models including the MacBook Air.

WaterField’s Muzetto bag

The Muzetto includes a single main compartment along with interior, under-flap and back pockets for organizing gear, an adjustable shoulder strap, and a choice of six different accent colors. The bag is available in five sizes designed to fit the iPad, or 11-inch, 13-inch and 15-inch laptops.

WaterField is offering the Muzetto for pre-order now and is priced starting at US$179.

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Lee Dronick

I have a similar bag, but made from canvas. I like these “portrait” layouts as they seem more secure, things don’t fall out as easily. Also they don’t take up as much fore ‘n aft space when carried as a bag laid out in landscape mode.


I have a similar bag from Brenthaven- canvas bag with a magnetic flap closure.  Works great an it is a bit less expensive…that said, the Muzetto is GORGEOUS.


ooh. black, I might actually get this now smile


Somehow I managed to buy the black version of the Muzetto bag a couple of months back. I only doubt the choice of no closing mechanism, apart from that I have to say in feel, touch, and look it’s the best bag I ever had. Beautiful.

Their Vertigo bag (I have both now) can hold more (in “depth”). It does not have the beautiful leather, but on the other hand it’s rather lighter, as well as cheaper. I like that one too.

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