Wearable Dress Disappears One Tweet At A Time

As an art project, two NYU designers have created a dress that disappears—literally disappears—as data is collected about the wearer, according to the Daily Dot. Powered by smartphones, the x.pose dress designers refer to it as a "wearable data-driven sculpture" that reveals more skin underneath as personal data is released via Facebook and Twitter.

There is a video of the outfit in action, with parts of the dress disappearing. It doesn't show the whole dress, just the top half, which is a revealing piece of clothing even before it gets hooked up to Twitter. It's intended as a metaphor for the way we share everything about ourselves online.

I like the statement they're making with this, about how we're always naked online. But somehow I just can't imagine this becoming a regular fashion item. That might be for the best, since the description on the web page continues referring to "data emissions." Frankly I think it would just make Starbucks even weirder than it already is.