WebOS to get New Life in LG Televisions

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WebOS, developed by Palm before the company was bought by HP, is about to get a new chance at life thanks to LG and its plans for new smart televisions. The company plans to show off its first WebOS-based TV next week at CES in Las Vegas, although there aren't any details yet on what features the television will include.

LG ready to show off WebOS-based smart TV at CES next weekLG ready to show off WebOS-based smart TV at CES next week

After HP killed WebOS, LG bought the operating system, its related patents, and the engineering team back in February with plans to use the operating system for smart televisions. At the time, rumors said the company intended to show off its first WebOS TVs at CES in 2014, and it looks like that's exactly what will happen.

Palm originally created WebOS to replace its aging Palm OS and better compete with Apple's iPhone. Thanks to a series of management mistakes, Palm eventually fell and was purchased by HP. The PC maker unsuccessfully tried to get WebOS-based products to take off, but eventually stopped development before selling the assets to LG.

Sources speaking with the Wall Street Journal said LG's TV will include Internet connectivity, but didn't have any details on the company's plans for its new smart TVs. The source added that LG is considering adapting WebOS for its own smartphones, too.

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Bringing WebOS back to life is great news. It showed so much promise and could've been a serious contender to Apple's iOS on the iPhone.

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There was a news story recently about how LG television sets send all of the viewers information (e.g. shows watched, and what format watched) back to the mothership whereby it uses that information to send advertisement to your smart television set. It is a shame since LG seems to design some nice sets. I will stick with Sharp.


I wonder how long/big the stylus will be that you use for accurate interaction with the screen ?

I hope it’s made from Carbon Fibre or some such as reaching across the room to poke at the screen to get it to do things will be a pain if it’s unwieldy wink

Paul Goodwin

Hahahahaha furbies

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