Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love! Coming to Mac May 26

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PlayFirst has announced that the latest entry in its series of Dash task management games, Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love!, will arrive on May 26 for all PlayFirst PlayPass members. General availability will be May 28.

The new game puts players in the dual role of wedding planner and matchmaker, tasking them with putting couples together through a Cupid mini-game and then coordinating a wedding, including dealing with picky bridesmaids' seating preferences, bachelors' flirtatious moves, demanding over-eaters, and more. Wedding crashers and a runaway puppy threaten to disrupt the proceedings.

Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love! features 55 levels of action. Pricing was not announced. System requirements call for Mac OS X version 10.4, an 800MHz G4 processor, 256MB RAM, and 38MB of hard drive space.

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lista de boda

I’m looking for the free online game of Wedding Dash :D
Any help would be appreciated.And if there is no such thing, might as well inform me!It seems like very good game and I am going to add about it to my wedding blog too..


I’m guessing Wedding Dash is related to Diner Dash. So, I’m sure I’m going to enjoy this game. I had Diner Dash on my PSP and you have no idea how addicted I was. I couldn’t put my PSP down.


Awesome game!  Very stressful though!

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