"Welcome to Macintosh" Documentary Available on Comcast Pay-per-View

Welcome to MacintoshWelcome to Macintosh, a documentary about the Mac and its history, is now available on Pay-Per-View through the Comcast cable system.

The documentary technically is dated 2008, but it debuted at the Wisconsin Film Festival in 2006. It includes interviews with luminaries such as Guy Kawasaki and Andy Hertzfeld, as well as contemporary journalists such as Cult of Mac's Leander Kahney.

"The goal was to make a film that you can show to anyone, even someone that has never used a computer, and have them understand why so many people love Macintosh," Josh Rizzo, Co-Director of the film, said in a statement. "Availability to all US Comcast customers goes a long way toward completing that goal."

You can find more information on the documentary at its site. Comcast is offering it through Pay-Per-View and On Demand to its cable subscribers.