Wells Fargo Analyst Adjusts AAPL Target Following Stock Split

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Wells Fargo analyst Maynard Um has lowered his target price range for Apple's stock to reflect its value following Monday morning's 7-to-1 stock split. His new 12 month target price range is between US$86 and $93, and was between $388 and $645 last week before the stock split.

Apple's stock hits the top end of Maynard Um's adjusted target priceApple's stock hits the top end of Maynard Um's adjusted target price

In a note to investors, Mr. Um said,

We are adjusting our valuation range to $86-$93 to reflect the 7-for-1 stock split (maintaining our 13-14x multiple on our split-adjusted FY2015 EPS estimate of $6.56). We believe Apple shares have benefited from strong investor sentiment driven by broader market trends and the prospect of positive news flow expected over the coming quarter, of which the share split, in our opinion, was one.

Apple's stock closed on Friday before the split at US$645.57, and opened Monday morning at $92.69.

Mr. Um expects the anticipated launch of the iPhone 6 will help drive up the company's stock price, as will the introduction of the long rumored iWatch. Neither have been confirmed yet by Apple.

Mr. Um's S$86 to $93 target price range comes with a "Market Perform" rating. Apple is currently trading at $93.14, up 0.92 (0.99%).

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Apple's stock is already trading above Mr. Um's target range. That doesn't, however, mean he's underestimating how it will perform over the next 12 months.

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The target price range hasn’t been lowered, the range has been divided by 7.


Mr Um price range is for AAPL to be flat or go lower over the next 12 months. If that isn’t an underperformance estimate then I don’t know what that would be. I think he is off by 25%. A more realistic price range would be $100 to $120.

Arnold Ziffel

My prediction is AAPL opened at $92.22 a share at the opening bell this morning.

Nailed it !


His lower bound was raised significantly and his upper bound was basically left as is (minuscule raise), this was not a lowering of estimates. Please try and check your numbers when adjusting for the split.

“between US$86 and $93, and was between $388 and $645 last week “

388/7 = $55.4 ($86 is much higher)
645/7= $92.14 ($93 is a tiny bit higher)

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