Wetoku Introduces Browser-Based Tool for Recording and Sharing Interviews

LAS VEGAS, NV -- At the recent Blogworld and New Media Expo, Wetoku was demonstrating their solution for recording and sharing two person interviews.  James Lee, co-founder, gave us a demonstration of the system.

Wetoku is a web-based application that performs three simple tasks, Meet, Record and Share.  You just create an interview and give it a name, as well as the names of the interviewer and interviewee.  You can define Advanced options such as privacy, what logo to place in the interview video, your location, and a short description of the interview.

The next screen should first show a warning letting you know that Flash would like to access your camera and microphone.  You can then go about defining the video source, be it a built-in iSight camera or other video device, as well as the quality measured in Kbps.  A bandwidth measurement tool will recommend the best quality setting for your specific conditions.  You also define the microphone you'd like to use and the volume.  A Mic Activity indicator will help you see if you have the right amount of audio.  You then send an invitation link to the person you'd like to interview.

Sharing a Wetoku Interview

One you are both there, simply record the interview.  Once it is complete, you can share a link for the interview, and even embed it into a web page using the HTML provided by Wetoku.  Future enhancements will include offering the interview via an RSS feed, and the ability to extract the audio of the interview, suitable for podcasting.

Wetoku is currently in beta.  You can sign up for free by going to the Wetoku web site.