WFXL Trades in News Caster’s Note Pads for iPads

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WFXL in Albany, Georgia, is looking to save a few trees by switching to iPads for news casts instead of printing out notes and scripts on paper.

Newscast scripts are emailed to each iPad and viewed with iAnnotate PDF.

News Director and anchor Terry Graham commented, “By using the iPad, we’re saving hundreds of thousands of sheets of paper annually.”

He added that the station expects it will save about US$9,600 a year in paper costs by switching to iPads. Assuming savings fall in line with projections, the studio will likely purchase more iPads in the future.

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To quote Eric Cartman
“It’s all a load of tree-hugging hippy crap!”

And when the news reader/presenter or news dept director want to do a last moment edit of the script for the news ? Post it notes stuck to the side of the iPad ?


Nope.  Just email the update.

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