Which Airlines are Supporting Apple Watch? [Updated]

Apple showed American Airlines during its Apple Watch media event earlier this month as an example of how the new smartwatch can be used to keep you up to date on your flight status. Which airlines have committed to an Apple Watch app as well? Read on to find out.

Airlines getting onboard with Apple Watch supportAirlines getting onboard with Apple Watch support

Alaska Airlines - YES
Alaska's Apple Watch app gives you check-in notifications, gate changes, connecting gate information, flight delay and cancellation alerts, and countdowns for boarding and landing. The airline says that's just the beginning, and is asking for customer feedback to decide which features to add next.

American Airlines - YES
The AA app will give you notifications so you know when to leave for the airport, show your flight number and departure time, which gate you're leaving from, your seat assignment, and flight changes. It also lets you see a real-time map in-flight so you know where you are and when your flight will land.

Air Canada - YES
Air Canada's updated iPhone app with Apple Watch support showed up on the App Store a couple weeks ahead of the APril 10 pre-order date. Their Apple Watch app shows flight status for departures coming up in the next 24 hours, boarding times, notifications for check-in and boarding times, and includes Passbook support for displaying your boarding pass on your wrist, as well as Handoff support for starting a check-in on your watch, and finishing on your iPhone.

Air France - YES
Keeping track of your flights with the Air France Apple Watch app works pretty much the same as on your iPhone, only with a smaller screen. The Apple Watch app shows your current and upcoming flights, confirm your flight check-in, see if your flight is still on time, check your milage rewards, see your seat assignment, view your boarding pass via Passbook, and more.

British Airways - YES
BA's app shows your flight number and gate, departure time, flight status, the weather to expect when you arrive at your destination, and iBeacon-based messages at some airports. You can also check in for your flight from the app instead of using your iPhone or computer.

Delta - YES
Delta's Apple Watch app displays flight number, departure time, gate, flight status, flight changes, luggage pick up information, and gives you a notification when your flight is close to landing.

Emirates - YES
Emirates will be ready with its Apple Watch app right away, too, showing flight status updates, upcoming trips, real-time updates for flight departure and gate, baggage collections, and more. It also supports Passbook so you can see your boarding pass on your wrist. [Thanks to Jeff's Twitter follower @belquhood for the heads up!]

easyJet - YES
The easyJet Apple Watch app focuses on the mobile features its passengers use most often. You can get real-time flight status updates, check departure times, view weather forecasts, see currency exchange rates, and more.

Frontier - NO
Frontier is typically slow to get its apps out, so something may be coming, but probably not soon.

JetBlue - YES
JetBlue is says its Apple Watch app will do more than just show your flight information and is planning on letting passengers use it to purchase what it says are "onboard premium offerings."

Lufthansa - YES
Keep track of your important Lufthansa flight information right on your wrist. The app shows your flight itenerary, seat number, boarding gate and terminal, boarding countdown, and weather information for your final destination.

Ryanair - NO
Ryanair isn't turning its back on Apple Watch. Instead, the company said it's waiting for Apple Watch availability in Ireland before releasing its app.

Southwest - NO
Southwest told VentureBeat it doesn't have any plans for an Apple Watch app right now. Depending on how its competitor's apps are received, it's possible the could change.

Qantas - YES
Qantas says it's going to put your boarding pass on your wrist along with showing flight status and updates. You'll also be able to see which baggage carousel has your suitcase, and you can see which lounges you can visit—assuming your a Qantas Club member, or eligable frequent flyer, business, or first class passenger.

United - YES
United's Apple Watch app will show info about upcoming flights along with status for your current flight, show your departure gate, view reservations, can access boarding passes from Passbook, and shows alerts for flight changes.

Virgin America - NO
Like Southwest, VA isn't planning on developing an Apple Watch app.

WestJet - YES
The WestJet Apple Watch app lists your flight schedule and status, shows trip countdown timers, and shows flight details, too. More features are planned for future updates.