Whip It Good! Shareable Photo Albums for iPad

LAS VEGAS - ArcSoft announced on Tuesday its debut to the world of consumer apps, Whip, an iPad app that allows users to quickly and easily make photo albums from their images. Once made, users can share their photo albums with friends and family, or the world at large through Facebook and Twitter.


Making a Photo Album with Whip

We specified ArcSoft's debut into the consumer space because the company has been making software for digital camera makers for years. Company representatives on hand at CES told The Mac Observer that ArcSoft's software is used on practically every digital camera and smartphone with a digital camera on the market except for Apple iPhone and iPad.

Whip, however, debuted on Windows Surface RT in the fall and is now being brought to iPad. The company said that it wanted to capture the analog experience of thumbing through a physical photo album. Pages turn like a stiff photo album page, and some of the themes are reminiscent of those albums.

It's a true iPad app, however, in that it everything is tap and drag. Choose your images, choose a theme, and Whip then lays them all out automatically. Users can then tweak that layout, moving images around, or add text.

Once you have created to a photo album, you can publish it to the company's own Whipstream for anyone to see, and similar to Instagram, people can comment on each others' albums. You can also post a link to Facebook or Twitter, or simply email a link to your album to friends and family if you don't want to share it with the world. Users do not need to have the app to view published photo albums.

Whip is free, and with version 1, every option available in the app is included with the free version. It's available now on the App Store.