White iPhone 4 Appears in AT&T Database

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The mythical white iPhone 4 popped up in yet another database. This time it’s AT&T’s online account management system that’s getting hopeful customers in a frenzy.

According to Boy Genius Report, AT&T’s internal system is showing 16GB and 32GB versions of the white iPhone 4, although it doesn’t offer any hints about when the still unavailable model might start shipping.

White iPhone 4, still MIA

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 4 last spring, the company promised white models to go along with the black version, although only the black models ever shipped. Rumors have come and gone ever since the launch date pointing at potential white iPhone 4 releases.

The white model was delayed, according to Apple, because of unexpected production issues.

So far, Apple hasn’t confirmed or denied that the white iPhone 4 will ever ship.

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When Verizon first put the iPhone 4 information on their web site after announcing the Verizon iPhone 4 was coming, it said there would be both a black and a white model.  Now, their site says only black.  Too bad, I was looking forward to ordering a Verizon white iPhone…


Could any other company cause such a tizzy over anything so minor as a choice between back and white?

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