White iPhone 4 Tags Appear in Best Buy

Shelf tags for Apple’s mythical white iPhone 4 have apparently appeared in at least one Best Buy location, hinting that customers holding out for a color choice other than black may be just a little closer to spending their hard earned cash.

White iPhone 4: Still not available

The white iPhone 4 tag appeared in a Houston Best Buy, according to Engadget, and shows the unsubsidized price of US$599.99 for the 16GB model.

Apple showed off the white iPhone 4 along side the black model about eight months ago during a media event ahead of the device’s launch. When the launch date rolled around, however, only the black model shipped.

Apple has since pushed back the white model’s launch several times siting unexpected production issues. The most recent launch window Apple has promised is this spring.

So far, there isn’t any official word from Apple saying when — or if — the white iPhone 4 will ship.