White iPhone 4G Pics Hit the Web

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Photos of Apple’s next generation iPhone are all the rage, and the latest batch shows a version with a white face plate instead of the traditional black. If the photo from Apple.pro proves to be accurate, this will mark the first time that Apple has built an iPhone that has a white front in addition to a white back.

The latest next generation iPhone photo shows the familiar block-shaped black prototype next to a white model, although the face plate on the white unit doesn’t look like it’s fully attached.

Apple doesn’t talk about unannounced products, so it isn’t confirming yet whether or not a white-front iPhone is on the way — or even if the prototype models that have found their way onto the Internet accurately represent what customers will likely have in their hands later this summer. The latest photo does, however, help confirm that Apple seems to have a surprisingly big leak in its usually tight information system.

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This is off topic, but will the new iPhone use a 4G network?  Or is ‘4G’ being used to describe it as a 4th Generation?

David Chartier

This is off topic, but will the new iPhone use a 4G network?? Or is ?4G? being used to describe it as a 4th Generation?

No one knows if the 4th iPhone will be a 4G network iPhone or not. Signs and speculation also point to the iPhone finally getting unshackled from AT&T in the US, so we might finally have a choice of others like Sprint, Verizon, or possibly even T-Mobile.

Pashtun Wally

IIRC the most optimistic estimates have proto-4G rollout slated for late this year & complete in ‘12 (maybe).

‘iPhone 4G’ means ‘the 4th iteration of Apple’s iPhone’


Keep in mind that “3G” and “4G” are just marketing terms. “3G” actually referred to two different network technologies, one orders of magnitude faster than the other. But the marketing part of it meant that it was faster than EDGE (Which was retroactively dubbed “2G”, yet another marketing term).

One could argue that the 3GS is already a “4G” phone because it is capable of communicating with 7.2Mb/s HSPDA, but this does not happen in the US due to AT&T’s lack of a “4G” network.

So it is safe to assume that the 4th gen iPhone will connect to 4G networks, as the 3GS _already_ does.

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