WhoPaste 2.0 Makes Adding Contacts Easy

Mac-Chi announced the release of  WhoPaste 2.0 on Wednesday. This version of WhoPaste represents a major upgrade to their contact utility for Mac OS X and includes new extensibility targeted at both world-wide and niche markets.

The new release of WhoPaste also augments existing Daylite support with more data options and match detection and features a new user interface. WhoPaste 2.0 continues support for all the leading address books for Macintosh including Apple's Address Book, Marketcircle's Daylite, Google's Contacts, and Microsoft's Entourage.

WhoPaste allows users to copy contact information as found on Web pages, in emails or text documents, and spreadsheets. WhoPaste interprets the data, places it into the appropriate field, and interacts with the storage system. WhoPaste 2.0 also introduces country-based parameters, which specify phone number and postal code formatting thereby making extractions more accurate in every user's home country.   

WhoPaste 2.0 is available for US$10.00 for a single license, and is a free update to existing owners.

WhoPaste 2.0 Screen Shot