Why Apple Should Call its New Tablet ‘iPad 7’

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The rumored but almost certain 7.85 inch iPad model has been coined “iPad mini.” I don’t think that wouldn’t be a smart name choice by Apple, and so I offer an argument for “iPad 7.”

1. The 7-inch Market. The 7-inch tablet market was created as an ostensible weakness in Apple’s strategy and product line. If Steve Jobs didn’t like the 7-inch concept, well, that was that. But Amazon and Google bet that customers would, and they were right. So Apple would like to jump in and confront those companies head-to-head. It’s a new war in the 7-inch category, and to emphasize that, the new Apple tablet should reflect that competitive category. Headlines will read, “iPad 7 vs. Nexus 7 - who wins?” This is a Good Thing. Customers will recognize Apple's unambiguous response.

2. Connotation. The word mini invokes the idea of something that’s diminutive, minimalist. That may have been a cute idea for the physically small iPod mini, but in a heated war with other tablet makers, it sounds weak, perhaps even effeminate. Detractors or comedians would also tempted to make jokes related to feminine hygiene products, and Jay Leno has already done so. Does Apple really want to see a comparison between a techy, manly sounding Nexus 7 (say it with Mike Rowe’s voice) versus an iPad mini? The comparison doesn’t sound right to the technical ear.

3. Size vs. Version. One might argue that Apple should go its own way with the name but avoid confusing display size with the numerical generation. The iPhone series is named for each major generation, now at number 5. One can argue that iPad 7 would raise the question: is that the 7th generation? But no one has asked that question about the Nexus 7 because everyone understands the product category. Besides, if we’re going by strict logic, one need only ponder the decision to call Apple’s 3rd generation iPad the new iPad. Marketing beats logic every time.

On the Mac side, Apple hasn’t invited confusion by distinguishing between an 11-inch MacBook Air and and 13-inch MacBook Air. Apple customers are well familiar with the idea of selecting a product by screen size.

4. The Number Seven. The number seven has a powerful and meaningful heritage. The number is considered lucky. Lucky Seven Saturday was 7/7/07. It has important, positive meaning in the Christian Bible and even in other religions and cultures.

The number 7 also has a subliminal technical ring to it. Remember, before NASA’s Apollo Program, there was the Mercury Program with seven astronauts. Their Mercury capsules had names like “Freedom 7,” “Liberty Bell 7,” and “Friendship 7.” It’s natural and clever to add iPad 7 to the list to take advantage of that memorable sound in the mind.

Even if Apple calls it the iPad 7-inch, it will soon be nicknamed the iPad 7, probably because the Nexus 7 invites editorial comparison and simplification.

Of course, Apple could get all crazy and call it “The New Adventures of the Old iPad.” Um, new iPad. Whatever.

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Bryan Chaffin

For those keeping score at home, I have a bet with John on this. I owe him a steak dinner from a pervious wager, and if Apple calls this thing the iPad 7, I’ll owe him two steak dinners.

I am now looking forward, however, to going dutch when next we dine. smile

Dave Hamilton

Bryan, you know John has friends at Apple. We’ll see if he can leverage one of those friendships to earn a second steak dinner from you. wink

Pat Mahon

I hate to be a stick in the mud on this but if any of the reports are to be believed it is more than likely to be nearer the 8” than 7”.

So with that in mind and Apple’s approach to naming conventions I would imagine it to be called… actually yeah, come to think of it, they’ll call it iPad 7 won’t they?  grin


I just can’t hear myself saying “I’ve got a 7 inch iPad” 

Global companies often find themselves suffering from language difficulties.  The Rolls Royce Silver Mist was renamed the Silver Shadow before launch.

Bryan Chaffin

I actually spotted John “iPhone 8” in a fit of magnanimity.

I should also note that I made the bet on the assumption that John’s opinion was based solely on his (usually awesome) opinion, but I failed to inquire as to whether or not that opinion had been influenced by any of those “friendships” Dave mentioned.

Perhaps my bad, but I still see dining as they do it in The Netherlands in my future.


It seems to me that CRAPPLE is playing on the ELECTRONIC KOTEX theme & will stick to the KOTEX (ipad) MINI name.

John Martellaro

There are those who argued that the iPhone 5 should have been called the iPhone 6 because it, technically, was the 6th generation of the product. But Apple didn’t, and that made perfect marketing sense.

And so, embolded by my “iPhone 5” prediction, not “new iPhone,” I argue that the 7.x inch iPhone will stay with the number 7.  I am foolishly consistent, unburdened by hobgoblins.


Because if they name it the iPad Mini, then the other one would become the Maxi Pad.


Nope. It will be the iPad Air. Ultra-thin because of the lack of a Retina display. It follows in the line of the MacBook Air being smaller.

Bank on it. wink


Actually you’re all wrong. This will be the iPod maxi, or “max-Ipod” focusing on it being a larger version of the iPod touch, rather than a smaller version of the iPad.  Apple likes to make its new products seem like steps forward, not backward.

The iPad variant, of which rumors are already circulating on various Ukrainian and Mongolian websites, is a 27” version, the so-called iPad-maxi.  This is aimed at replacing the iMac in homes so apple can focus on iOS for 90% of its customer base rather than trying to maintain two operating systems for causal users.


I want Mini Pad
Maxi pad.

John Martellaro

blad_Rnr: I like it!



For all of the talk about “iPad” sounding like a feminine hygiene product (and a marketing disaster), it didn’t stop the iPad from selling as fast—if not faster—than Apple could make them.

So I don’t think that reasoning would deter Apple from going with iPad mini.

John, regarding your comments on the number 7, I can’t believe you left “007” off the list! Unless you were afraid a flame war would break out in comments regarding who the best Bond was/is. smile

As for iPad 7…I don’t think so, precisely because one iDevice—iPhone—still has generational names to it. My money’s on iPad mini, but no steak dinner bets. Now a lobster dinner bet???....

John Martellaro

mrmwebmax. Yep, the 007 moniker is another plus for sticking with 7 instead of 8, as in—Windows 8 ?? Cough.  And everyone knows that Sean Connery was the best Bond. Don’t they?

Lee Dronick

Daniel Craig is the best 007. Not that Sean Connery is/was a bad actor, but that the old James Bond movies suffered from horrible direction and production. Great opening themes though.

Anyway back to what’s in a name. iPad 7 isn’t a bad. iPad Lite, Pocket iPad,



John and Lee,

I think one of the toughest aspects of picking a best Bond is that each actor represented the era of the times. All have their great moments, but I confess I’ve been disappointed in Daniel Craig…not his fault, though. Casino Royale, and especially Quantum of Solace, didn’t feel so much like Bond movies but an attempt to compete with Bourne movies. I’m sorry, but the world’s greatest super-spy and I’ve got better tech in my iPhone? Quantum really didn’t feel like a Bond movie at all. Skyfall gives me hope, not the least of which comes from the return of Q, plus the return of the James Bond theme throughout:


John, yes, Sean Connery was the best Bond at the time, but let’s face it, his portrayal does not translate well to our times. That’s why I think each Bond must be examined in the context of when the movies came out. Connery was great in Dr. No and Goldfinger, Moore was great in The Spy Who Loved Me, Brosnan was great in GoldenEye, and I have high hopes for Craig in Skyfall.

Oh, and to get back on-topic, yes, let’s avoid “8” as much as possible! I still say iPad mini, though. And with that, I’m going to fix a martini.

Shaken, not stirred….

John Martellaro

The way I see it, the (fabulous) Bourne movies shook the Bond franchise out of its doldrums and set a new standard.




The way I see it, the (fabulous) Bourne movies shook the Bond franchise out of its doldrums and set a new standard.

Agreed completely. But that doesn’t mean you give up your identity in so doing. It seemed like Casino and Quantum were a desperate attempt to make a Bond movie not a Bond movie…why else, in Quantum, have Craig bark, “Do I look like I give a damn?” when asked if he wants his martini shaken or stirred?

Yes, Bond movies became too formulaic and went on cruise control, but that doesn’t mean you sell your soul and imitate the opposition (the excellent Bourne films, which I loved). It means you improve who you are, and play to your strengths. Not merely imitate what the competition is doing. That’s my problem with the Craig Bond films so far. They just don’t feel like Bond films. Skyfall, though, looks to find the right balance. My hopes are high.

Lee Dronick

When I was a youngster I loved the James Bond movies that starred Sean Connery. When I watch them now I am think that they are horrible, but my tastes have matured. I really like Judy Dench as M.

iPad Air


Apple could call it the Big Touch. And if below $250, with a Light Touch on your wallet.  And where the heck is MoneyPenny?


I’m surprised nobody else thought of the name lightPad. Honestly, I would bet a box of donuts that Apple sticks with something simple - most likely the iPad Mini. They’ve used the ‘mini’ moniker in the past and it would be just as fitting and appropriate in this case. ‘mini’ is simple, uncomplicated to say, and has no weird double meanings (unless someone spends the time to try and contrive them).

A key problem with the name ‘iPad 7’ is what to call the second iteration of the device. When Apple updates the product, will that be the ‘iPad 8’, ‘iPad 7 2013’, or the ‘New iPad 7’. (Blech!, btw.) As Pat Mahon pointed out, it would also be pretty obtuse to name a nearly 8” iPad the ‘iPad 7’, and using the ‘iPad 8’ name would present the same problems as ‘iPad 7’.

The reason Apple stopped numbering the iPad is because… well, they don’t number computers and the iPad IS a portable computer. (Say otherwise and I’ll glare at you, menacingly!) At this point, it is simply the iPad, and those of us geeks who care enough to will just refer to each generation as the ‘iPad 2012’, then the ‘iPad 2013’, etc. If Apple sticks with the iPad mini (or miniPad?) then we’ll have an ‘iPad mini’, then an ‘iPad mini 2013’, etc. Nice. And. Simple. No hassles, and no gimmicks. That’s my 2¢ and you can keep the change.

(Apple only stayed with a numerical name for the iPhone 5 because the number is all but bolted on since it’s been used for five prior generations of the device. Also, to the best of my knowledge, they have no plans, yet, to produce another form factor of iPhone, so there would be no confusion between the ‘iPhone 6’ and ‘iPhone mini 2’.)


“The way I see it, the (fabulous) Bourne movies shook the Bond franchise out of its doldrums and set a new standard.”

Exactly so.  Will Hunting, all grown up and remorselessly lethal.
The absence of the wonderful Judi Dench is their only flaw.


BTW, the new iPad ain’t gonna be called “7.”
Betcha a box of doughnuts.


Point #2 is extremely sexist. To say that by the name triggering thoughts of female associated traits - associated in your mind - that those connotations would label the product as inferior & weak. I don’t believe anyone thinks that the term mini is sex-associated. Why should the iPad be manly anyway? Is this because you believe masculine things to be better - because you believe men to be better?


Why it won’t be called iPad 7 : Because it’s more of an 8 inch tablet.


In the tradition of iPod and iPad, I think they should create a new name and call it iPed.  Kind of sounds like ‘moped’ - so since the iPad is the Harley-Davidson of tablets, the iPed would be the moped of tablets - smaller, lighter, not quite as powerful, but also significantly less expensive.  Only problem would be that it sounds a lot like iPad and could easily be misheard.  “Honey, grab my iPed for me.”  “Here you go, dear.”  “NO, I said the iPed, not the iPad.”



I’m not sure I’m persuaded by the logic. I do like the association with the Mercury 7, and that would indeed add a space-geek coolness factor. And there are plenty of other 7’s, not least of which, when simply said, invokes ‘7 of 9’ from ST Voyager, or, as Tom Paris was wont to call her, ‘Seven’. I’m sure Jeri Ryan would be thrilled.

One down side of calling it iPad 7 is the reverse of what you mention in connection with Nexus 7; it puts Apple in the public light of imitator, follower. Google calls their 7 incher ‘7’, so we’re doing likewise (never mind that it is actually nearly 8”). I see that as fodder for detractors, but then so too was the very name iPad, as can be seen by some of the more asinine comments above referring to women’s hygiene. That didn’t sales one bit, so perhaps this wouldn’t either, but it could be an irritant to Apple, who pride themselves on innovation and doing ‘different’.

I don’t pretend to know what Apple will do, or call it;  It will undoubtedly sell even if they called it ‘The Thing’ (and of course, they’d be sued if they did).

My personal favourite, however, is ‘iPad’. And why not? We call all iMacs ‘iMac’, and MBP and Airs as such. We differentiate the screen size only as needed, otherwise we focus on the computer, and as someone said above, the iPad is a computer. So too is the iPhone, and perhaps, one day, it too will be liberated from its iterationally challenged numerical moniker.

Oh yes, having read all of Ian Fleming’s novels as a young lad, I can say without hesitation, Sean Connery is James Bond. Full stop.


They could use a tartan screensaver, and call it iPlaid.
Or one of those annoying burning log scenes, and call it myPad.

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