Windows 7 for Students: $29, Just Like Snow Leopard

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Microsoft is offering college students a hefty price break on its upcoming Windows 7 operating system by matching Apple's US$29 Snow Leopard price point. To help promote the limited time price cut, Microsoft launched a new Web site that also tells students just how hip Windows 7 is.

The promotion includes Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional editions, and is good through January 3, 2010.

The offer will likely entice some Windows users to upgrade when Windows 7 ships in late October, just like Apple's low price for Mac OS X 10.6 was a draw for many Mac owners. The difference, however, is that Apple's pricing is available to all Mac OS X 10.5 users, where Microsoft's special discount is available only to college students that can provide a valid student email address.

Microsoft is also limiting the promotion to downloadable upgrades instead of offering an installer DVD.

Along with the discount offer for students, Microsoft's promotional Web site also touts the features in Windows 7 that the college-bound set are sure to enjoy, and promises some exclusive Family Guy content, too.

Considering how poorly Windows Vista was received, Microsoft needs something to help boost consumer interest in its new operating system. Copying a page from Apple's playbook -- at least for students -- looks like another step in an effort to help boost the company's image.

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It’s actually 99? more than Snow Leopard. smile


he difference, however, is that Apple’s pricing is available to all Mac OS X 10.5 users, where Microsoft’s special discount is available only to college students. Microsoft is also limiting the promotion to downloadable upgrades instead of offering an installer DVD.

So it’s just like what Apple did with 10.6, except that it’s just not as good.

Typical Microsoft.


Wait a minute, geoduck, jimothy didn’t say that!


Oops my bad.
I quoted the article and didn’t notice that it put your name in front.

Lee Dronick

My wife is taking some college classes and sometimes needs to use Windows to access some sites and use the Windows version of Office. So I was thinking getting her the upgrade to Windows 7. I went to the website, but I can not find an option to buy the Professional edition, just the Home Premium.

One thing I did find is an app to download that checks to see if our PCs can even run Windows 7.


You all forgot one thing, its probably a basic version UNLIKE Snow Leopard which is like the Premium version of anything Microsoft has.
Microsoft thinks there fooling people with a low price, but in actuality they’re giving students the junk version that can’t do anything without an upgrade!

Lee Dronick

I downloaded and installed MicroSofts app that checks to see if a PC can run Windows 7. I got a message that it would take a few minutes to check compatibility, but it ran for over an hour and never finished. I finally just quit the program and am assuming my HP can not run Windows 7.

Have you all checked the link in this story? It takes you to whom I gather is managing this deal for MicroSoft. Click on “Buy” then click on “FAQ”, a new window opens. in Safari, either Mac or PC, I get a black back ground with some text links scattered around, no graphics, in Explorer it looks fine. Choose a FAQ item to read, then see if you have a menu to read other FAQs or a link to go back to the FAQ menu, I couldn’t find one. I right-clicked and chose “back”, the window closed and it took me back to the home page, you have to start over again to read other FAQs. Good grief!


hardly “like” snow leopard.
Snow Leopard didn’t ask me for my Leopard DVD or Leopard activation Key =)
Snow Leopard didn’t ask me to upgrade to Ultimate to unlock more interface languages. =)


Wow, more Mac fanatics please.

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