WinTel 3.0 Adds Support for True Virtualization

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OpenOSX announced Thursday version 3.0 version of WinTel, the company's Windows, Linux and other OS virtualization solution for Mac OS X. The new version adds support for true virtualization to their product.

WinTel is an application that allows host operating systems (and applications) such as Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu Linux to run in protected, virtual environments within windows on Mac OS X. WinTel's new virtualization performance is comparable with the performance of VMWare's Fusion and Parallels Inc.'s Parallels Desktop software.

According to OpenOSX, the update allows users to run most of the instructions of the virtual machine natively, drastically increasing performance in the process. The firm said performance was comparable to VMWare's Fusion or Parallels.

The OpenOSX WinTel product is available immediately for US$30 plus shipping delivered on CD-ROM, with download-only delivery available for US$25. The application can be purchased from the OpenOSX Web site.



Given M$ is no longer supporting Virtual PC 7 on PPC, I’d be interested if this performs better than Virtual PC 7 on PPC.

Laurie Fleming

It’d be very surprising if it didn’t. Note that it adds support for “true virtualisation” - so it isn’t converting the Intel instructions into PPC. Virtual PC was emulation, which is always going to be putting a barrier between your Mac and the guest OS.

I used Virtual PC on my Powerbook and it was only just usable. Now with Parallels (and I understand the competitors are just as good), admittedly with a much faster processor(s), I am running XP Pro as fast as it is possible to go. And this is what they’re claiming. The important thing to note is their quote: “the update allows users to run most of the instructions of the virtual machine natively, drastically increasing performance in the process.”

If you are still using a PPC machine, you don’t have many alternatives to Virtual PC. But at least it still runs, no matter whether Microsoft are supporting it or not.

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