With Help from Free Concert Tickets, 2nd Microsoft Store Opening Gets 1,000 People

Microsoft opened up its second Microsoft Store retail location in Mission Viejo, CA Thursday. With the help of a free concert ticket giveaway for Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, the company saw a line of some one thousand people waiting for the doors to open, according to The OCRegister.

The newspaper reported that fans of Microsoft and Mr. Bieber began lining up on Wednesday, the day before the store opened. Many of those people wanted to be sure they were in time to get their hands on some of those free Justin Bieber tickets - this included one Mac user who there as a favor to his sister (or so he said in the video below), but brandished his MacBook Pro and made sure people know he was, "All Mac, all the way."

Microsoft also saw long lines of people awaiting the opening of its first retail location in Scottsdale, AZ on October 22nd, the day the company released Windows 7. While free concert tickets subbed out for the release of a new OS for this event, The OCRegister reported glowing reviews of the store, its wraparound video walls, and the Microsoft Surface tables.

"I like it," Percillia Chuajai, of Glendale, told the paper. "All the music, all the colors – it's very exciting."

"I can't believe how amazing it looks," added Navid Zamani, of Laguna Niguel. "The screens along the sides are phenomenal. The (Microsoft Surface) tables are awesome."

This is the first Microsoft Store to go head to head with an Apple Store, sort of...Apple's retail location in the same mall is closed for remodelling until November.

Video posted by The OCRegister.