WolframAlpha for iPhone Price Drops to $1.99

| Product News

WolframAlpha dropped the price of its Wolfram Alpha for iPhone application on Wednesday from US$49.99 to $1.99 in an effort to help make its information and knowledge search tools accessible to more people. The company has also revived its free WolframAlpha mobile Web site, and has made the site more accessible to a wider range of mobile devices.

“As we approach the anniversary of the launch of WolframAlpha, we’ll be moving into WolframAlpha’s next phase, centered on growth — increasing the exposure and use of Wolfram|Alpha both by individuals seeking knowledge and by developers building computational knowledge into their applications in interesting ways,” said WolframAlpha’s Schoeller Porter “We want WolframAlpha to become ubiquitous.”

Users that bought the iPhone app at its original $49.99 price point can request a refund at the company’s Web site, too.



Apple makes money by selling us innovative, closed systems at fixed prices.  On the other hand, Apple partners compete ruthlessly on price with many trying to break even.  Is this the modern incarnation of colonialism?


Is this the modern incarnation of colonialism?

Apple reminds me more of a modern incarnation of a classic laissez-faire capitalist.

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