World of Warcraft Realm Servers Coming Back Online

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This is just a quick note to let WoW players know that Blizzard's World of Warcraft realm servers are beginning to come back online following the company's release of the 3.3 Fall of the Lich King content patch earlier on Tuesday. As of this writing, the company's Realm Status page shows most of the servers in the U.S. as being up, with more coming up every few minutes.

Note that some users have already reported problems logging on, even when their server is up. We also noticed that some servers were changing their status from online to offline and back, so your mileage is very likely to vary.

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As usual, disable all addons, let’s see Curse client handle this patch.

EU realms will be down in 3-5 hours. Let’s hope 3.3 will be a smooth patch.


wow, there’s a live coverage of servers going back online on wow insider ...
4:15 pm. EST: Blizzard has confirmed there is a problem which is keeping players stuck in the loading screen. No fix for it at the moment. It looks like it’s an issue for everyone, although we don’t know for certain yet.

Laurie Fleming

Our guild has just done the 5-man Icecrown series. At the end (not giving the plot away) when we got on back on the flying ship, only my character could do it; everyone else kept on being kicked out of the game.

Maybe it’s a quest completion just for the unholy death knights?


Morrgoth: Khaled
[1:17pm] Morrgoth: thats a known bug
[1:17pm] Morrgoth: you dc if you run on the airship
[1:17pm] Morrgoth: so dont
[1:18pm] Morrgoth: just wait for event to end and talk to sylvanas/whoeverallymage
[1:18pm] Morrgoth: without boarding the ship

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