World of Warcraft Updated to 3.0.9 with Multiple Class Tweaks

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World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich KingBlizzard Entertainment updated World of Warcraft to version 3.0.9 Tuesday, an update that includes multiple tweaks and changes to most of the character classes. The update can be downloaded by logging into the WoW client.

The patch notes in full:

World of Warcraft Client Patch 3.0.9


  • Ferocious Bite: This ability now only uses up to 30 energy in addition to its base cost.


  • Kindred Spirits (Beast Mastery): This talent now grants 20% pet damage at max rank.
  • Serpent's Swiftness (Beast Mastery): This talent now grants 20% pet attack speed at max rank.
  • Pets
    • Lava Breath now reduces the target's casting speed by 25%, down from 50%.
    • Poison Spit now reduces the target's casting speed by 25%, down from 50%.


  • Arcane Power now increases damage and mana cost by 20%, cooldown reduced to 2 minutes.
  • Arcane Power and Presence of Mind now share a category cooldown. Arcane Power causes a 15 second cooldown. Presence of Mind, once consumed, causes a 1.5 second cooldown.
  • Arcane Flows now reduces the cooldown of Presence of Mind, Arcane Power and Invisibility by 15/30%.
  • Presence of Mind: The cooldown has been reduced to 2 minutes, (down from 3.)
  • Slow (Arcane): now increases cast time by 30%, down from 60%.


  • The duration on all Seals has been increased to 30 minutes and can no longer be dispelled.
  • Divine Plea: The amount healed by your spells is reduced by 50% (up from 20%), but the effect can no longer be dispelled.
  • Sanctified Seals: This talent no longer affects dispel resistance, but continues to affect crit chance.


  • Inner Fire duration has been increased to 30 minutes and can no longer dispelled.


  • Hunger for Blood (Assassination): Now increases damage 5% per stack, (up from 3%.)
  • Mind Numbing Poison now reduces cast time by 30%, down from 60%.
  • Mutilate damage will now do 20% increased damage against poisoned targets, down from 50%.
  • Slice and Dice (Rank 2): This ability now increases melee attack speed by 40%, up from 30%.


  • Curse of Tongues: Now increases the casting time of all spells by 25% (Rank 1) and 30% (Rank 2), down from 50% and 60%.

Dungeons and Raids

  • The Obsidian Sanctum
    • Changed the color of the fissure in the Obsidian Sanctum to be more visually distinct.

User Interface

  • The "GM wishes to speak with you " alert/button, at the top of the screen, has been changed so that addons do not obscure it.
  • A clickable chat message has been added that duplicates the GM alert/button.
  • When a GM wishes to speak with you the Help Request minibar button will glow.
  • For additional notes on Lua and XML changes please visit the UI & Macros forum .

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players using Nvidia 3D glasses were unable to see spell cooldowns.
  • Fixed a software mouse cursor bug that was causing the mouse curser to disappear from view when over certain UI elements.
  • Fixed a player movement error in which other players were appearing to move erratically when traveling beside them.

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Awesome! Got the patch from FileFront and I’ll be updating it as soon as I get home.;13258864;/fileinfo.html


Why nerf mutilate. Also, the poison nerf was truely uneaded. Im still taping my foot waiting for that death knight nerf and im pretty sure im going to be tapping for a while.

Bryan Chaffin

I fear you’re right, Chris. Keep tappin’... smile


Smith-Stevens Johnson Syndrome

Wow! Really this post is interesting,I always appreciate such type of posts, I think the work done by the author is really great. Thanks for this information.


Believe me, I too am sick of the old character class nerfs while the DK’s continue to get more overpowered. After this last patch, it was the final straw. I just cancelled my account with Blizzard. It’ll run out on Feb 28th. Maybe in 6 months or so, I’ll consider reactivating it if Blizzard gets thier act together and undoes some of the latest patches or else I predict in 6 months, a majority of the toons in the game will all be DK’s. It’s already that way in the BG’s.

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