Woz Freaks Out Media with White iPhone 4

When Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak showed off a white iPhone during a recent media event, the press thought they were getting a look at the still-not-shipping version of the combination iPod and smartphone. Woz’s iPhone turned out to be a modified black iPhone 4, and not proof that Apple is getting close to finally releasing a white version.

Woz told CNN he was able to get ahold of a kit that replaces the black glass front and back for the iPhone 4 with white components the seller claimed came from the same factory Apple uses to build its phones. “I saw a post and got in quick and ordered my set of parts, Woz said.

Apple’s white iPhone 4: Still not available

The Web site selling the white iPhone conversion kits has since been shut down by Apple. For those that were able to order the US$280 kit before the site was closed, they ended up with a white glass back, and white front with a Retina Display laminated in place.

Woz is fond of pulling practical jokes, so when reporters jumped to the conclusion that he had a white iPhone that Apple built, he most likely was more than happy to let them think what they wanted. When asked after the fact, however, he was more than happy to share how his iPhone turned white.

Apple originally planned on releasing white and black iPhone 4 models when the smartphone launched several months ago. The company continued to delay the white launch, however, and now is claiming it will be available in spring 2011. Considering the delays Apple has experienced with the white iPhone 4 so far, a spring release isn’t necessarily a sure thing.