Woz: White iPhone Camera Problems are Real

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak suggested white iPhone production delays are related to problems with the combination smartphone and iPod’s LED camera flash. Light from the flash, according to Woz, spills into the camera lens.

Speaking on The Engadget Show, Woz said he purchased Apple’s own unshipped white iPhone case parts from a company that obtained them from the manufacturer.

The MIA white iPhone 4

The problem, he said, is that light from the flash seems to leak into the lens area on the iPhone and blurs captured images. He added that the white iPhone parts have caused proximity sensor issues for him, too.

Apple hasn’t offered an official statement confirming camera problems are behind the white iPhone delays, although the company has said the white model was proving more difficult to manufacture than originally anticipated.

Recent reports say the mythical white iPhone is finally showing up in inventory systems at retailers, hinting that it may finally be released in the coming weeks. Apple isn’t, however, commenting on the device’s status.