WSJ: LTE on New iPhone a Sure Thing

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WSJ: LTE on the new iPhoneThe Wall Street Journal is reporting the next iPhone, expected at Apple's media event this Wednesday, will include LTE wireless data support, although only in certain markets. Rumors have been claiming the next generation iPhone will support LTE, and the WSJ's anonymous sources help add validity to those reports, but don't count as an official confirmation.

There isn't word on which carriers the iPhone's LTE features will support. Qualcomm senior vice president Bill Davidson said the patchwork nature of the LTE spectrum is a limiting factor.

"It will be impractical to have all of the bands" in LTE chips, he said.

Apple first introduced LTE support for iOS devices on the third generation iPad. That model supports LTE on the AT&T and Verizon networks in the United States, as well as Bell Canada, Telus and Rogers in Canada, which means it's likely that the new iPhone will support LTE on those networks, too.

Despite the likelihood that the next iPhone will include LTE support, however, reports that it will are still only rumors until this Wednesday.

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It may still be a rumor, but it feels like a fairly safe bet that come Wednesday we'll see an iPhone with LTE support. Apple already added the feature to the iPad, and several competing Android smartphones support the faster network, too.

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And then we will see if Samsung carries through on their threat to sue Apple if they release a LTE iPhone.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Samsung isn’t the big worry. HTC has some key LTE patents and is still just a little bent over having its flagship phone launch spoiled earlier this year. The win for HTC would be to screw up Apple’s launch. Not a very high bar. Quite achievable.


Are there battery life concerns with this move? It seems that the leaked batteries for the iPhone 5 had only like 10% more capacity, whereas the new iPad LTE nearly doubled the battery capacity of the iPad 2 with 3G. I realize that was also for the retina display, but I had assumed it was largely to compensate for the LTE chip.  Perhaps the chips aren’t such battery draws lately.
I’d sure appreciate the option to turn off the LTE radio since AT&T doesn’t yet offer 4G in my city. I certainly miss that feature (turning off 3G) and temporarily getting double the battery life when in a bind.


Well, that didn’t take long…

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