WSJ: Apple to Announce Rights to Beatles Music

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Apple will finally obtain the rights it has been seeking to carry music by the Beatles in its iTunes store, according to the Wall Street Journal late on Monday.

This is all according to people familiar with the matter, and the WSJ hints that this is related to the special Apple announcement scheduled by Apple for 10 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday.

The arrangement came after discussions between Apple and the Beatles’ record label, EMI Group, Ltd. However, the same sources cautioned that Apple could still change its plans.

Some songs by members of the Beatles have been available from time to time on iTunes, but, to date, there hasn’t been a complete collection of the group’s albums available.

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If it is the Beatles IMO it’s not that important.
Those of us that wanted The Beatles got a CD and ripped it long ago.


Agreed. Completely forgettable if that’s all it is.


What if Apple bought the Beatles catalog from EMI?


Agreed here also. Anyone who wanted Beatles music already has it.

Sure, Apple will get a trickle of downloads (depending what all appears on iTunes) but it’s mostly a non-event.



It have better be more than the Beatles.


How about the Beatles’ catalog rights AND Apple Music? $50 billion gives you a LOT of clout.


I am a Beatles fan and I think the day-you-will-never-forget line is a bit over the top if that’s what this is about. However, to say “anyone who wanted Beatles music already has it” is a bit silly. You could have said that in 1980 or 1990 or 2000. There are new Beatles fans every day and a lot of younger ones now and those in the future will probably never buy CDs.

Tik Tok

dhp has it right.  All of us graybeards may have all the Beatles music we want—I don’t—but my kids love what little they have heard, and many of their friends like Beatles music, too, yet they have little comprehensive exposure to the entire library.  It appears that many who comment here come from the days when we could go into a record store, find where they kept a particular artist in the A-Z racks, and locate pretty much the entire history via albums of that artist’s music.  That’s no longer possible, and the Internet is not a sufficient alternative where music is concerned.  iTunes can be a fabulous resource if the labels are in that system; it is also true that having the library of the most important musical influence of the 60s (IMHO) will enhance iTunes’ cachet tremendously.  It maybe isn’t the day of days, but it would be great.


Beattles? Okay…. Never has floated my boat but whatever. Where are my freaking’ folders for my iPad? That’s more important to me.


Now I might be able to use Ping.


Beatles? Face. Bothered.


Tik Tok
If there is a pent up demand for Beatles music that would be great. IMO, though it’s about 5 years too late. By holding out this long, Apple Records missed the boat and cost themselves a lot of sales.

Now I might be able to use Ping.

It’s a bit ironic then that iTunes 10.1 includes a CheckBox in Preferences>General to hide Ping completely. That’s what I was waiting for.


Again, I don’t really care if today’s announcements have anything to do with the fab four, but a little perspective:

Best selling album 2000-09: The Beatles, 1

Rank of Beatles in total album sales 2000-2009: 2 (after Eminem)

Sales of the Beatles’ remastered CDs last year: 2.25 million in the first 5 days (only counting US, UK, and Japan)


Interesting. I have to say I’m surprised.

Lee Dronick

It happened! Check out Apple’s home page


When will they start the selling of Slayer? Of course, I won’t buy it ‘cause I have already download it from Pirate Bay but this doesn’t change the fact of my completely resentment.

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