WSJ: No 4G Support for iPhone 5

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What? No 4G for the iPhone 5?With Apple’s iPhone media event only hours away, the Wall Street Journal is debunking rumors that the next combination iPod and smartphone will jump from 3G wireless data support to the newer 4G. According to insider sources, Apple will continue supporting 3G wireless data technology which is still more widely available than the newer 4G.

The sources didn’t confirm whether or not Sprint would be joining AT&T and Verizon as iPhone carriers in the U.S., nor did they add any information to support the outlandish rumor that Sprint would be the exclusive iPhone 5 carrier in the country, leaving AT&T and Verizon to sell the iPhone 4.

Rumors have claimed that the next iPhone will sport a redesigned body or that it will look like the iPhone 4, that it will have a bigger display or the same size display, that it will bump up screen resolution or not, and that it will get a faster A5 processor and an 8 megapixel camera.

Apple’s iPhone 5 media event is set to start at 10AM pacific time. Be sure to check in with The Mac Observer for our announcement coverage and analysis.

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Dorje Sylas

Shocker not. A 4G iPhone this year is like a 3G iPod Touch. Both as mythical as a rainbow unicorn. Out of all the rumors 4G was on that list of wishful thinking. Apple wasn’t going to invest in Dual Band 3G chipsets just to throw away a “one device, all carriers” option for more carrier specific models.

Apple will stay 3G until one of two things happens.
1) 4G technologies are universal and fully replace 3G in major markets.
2) A dual/tri/whatever band chipset is deveople at good price to maintain a “one device” product line.

Neither has happened won’t for a few years yet.

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