WW II Strategy Game Hearts of Iron III Arrives for Mac

Virtual Programming on Friday announced the release of the World War II strategy game Hearts of Iron III for Mac OS X. Players take control of one of more than 100 countries during the years 1936 through 1948, making strategic decisions that allow for plenty of “What if?” scenarios.

Hearts of Iron III features a huge map containing over 15,000 land and sea provinces, giving military commanders plenty of room to maneuver dozens of 3D air, land, and water units. Brute force isn’t the only option, however: players can engage in diplomacy with other nations as well as manage a realistic logistic system that ensures transportation of vital supplies.

The game also stars military commanders and politicians based on their real world counterparts and driven by finely-tuned artificial intelligence that enables realistic interaction with them. The flexible technology tree allows players to choose from hundreds of categories for improving their forces’ capabilities, while a dynamic weather system impacts battlefields in realistic ways.

Pricing is US$39.95 and system requirements call for Mac OS X version 10.5.8, an Intel processor, 1GB RAM, 1.3GB hard drive space, and 128MB video RAM. Intel GMA integrated video chipsets are not supported.