WWDC Tickets Fetch a Premium on eBay



Apple’s 2011 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) sold out within ten hours this year, leading to the kind of inflated ticket selling on eBay that’s normally associated with rock concerts and sporting events. As of this writing, nine auctions were in progress on eBay, with two of them receiving 18 bids and another 16 bids. Prices topped US$3,400 for two tickets, while a third was closing in on $4,000.

TMO noted earlier this week that WWDC tickets were hitting eBay at a starting price of $2,500, and on Wednesday TMO pointed out that tickets had hit $4,000, creating a trend that is ongoing. Apple originally sold the tickets for $1,599. CNET pointed out that WWDC attendees need to be registered developers, no matter how they obtained their tickets, which come with codes that have to be activated.

WWDC will be held in San Francisco from June 6th to 10th.


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Wow, how annoying; never underestimate scalpers and eBay opportunists.

It’s an interesting “problem” for Apple to have - too many developers! And too many people wanting to pony up $1600 to schmooze and to sit in overcrowded technical sessions which they could just watch in iTunes.

I like WWDC - it is a lot of fun, and potentially quite useful, but it is by no means essential, since there are other networking opportunities and since you can view the sessions on-line.

After attending it a few times, I don’t have any problem missing it and spending the time actually developing software.

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