WWDC Tickets Hit $4000


The popularity of Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference led to a quick sell out this year, and to an unexpected revenue stream from at least some developers: eBay ticket sales. Several eBay auctions show conference passes topping US$3,000 and have climbed as high as $4,000 only two days after the event sold out.

WWDC Tickets are big business on eBay

Apple announced the dates for this year’s WWDC event on Monday, March 28, and within hours had completely sold out of conference passes. With demand far outstripping supply, several entrepreneurial developers took to eBay to auction off their $1,599 passes for substantially more than face value.

Open eBay auctions are still on track to hit high selling prices, with passes climbing up over $2,300 and more than two days left before closing. Auctions showing Buy It Now options are listing tickets for $3,800, $3,950, and even $4,499.

Since developers are able to buy WWDC passes and transfer them before the tickets are registered, there isn’t anything stopping the sales. Apple allows for pass transfers so companies can purchase several at once and then assign them to employees, although in this case developers are using the option to sell their passes for more than they paid.

Cha-ching! WWDC tickets are expensive on eBay!WWDC tickets aren’t cheap on eBay

WWDC is Apple’s annual event that connects iOS and Mac OS X developers with the company’s engineers, details future OS development plans, and offers focused training for developers and IT professionals. The event runs from June 6 through June 10 at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco.

Conference passes this year were priced at $1,599, although for at least some developers it seems the actual cost is much higher — and still climbing.



I did not plan to attend this year, but wait till the next because I need to be more prepared.  However, I am frankly shocked at what I have seen here.

It is hard enough for a small developer to come up with the money required to attend the event at $1599 for the conference and ALL the associated expenses.  You have to be a developer to purchase these tickets.  Anyone who purchased these tickets and is a Developer with the intent to resell them at these prices to another Developer is a person of very low moral and ethical standards.  ?A Carpetbagging Bastard? - Hudson Reed


I really like eBay’s ongoing economics class. Buyers and sellers getting together to determine a price, thousands of times a day. I see no reason to get upset about it and call people “carpetbagging bastards”... I don’t even quite understand what that means. Whether or not their luggage is made from floor coverings, and whether or not they are certain of their parentage, these folks are simply engaged in the fascinating business in putting a value on something.


Free enterprise, capitalism, democracy. Not perfect. What’s the alternative? Doubt if there is one. Maybe some tinkering might deter the scalping.

Registration of tickets at time of sale might be the way to go. It would be up to the companies concerned to preauthorise employee reimbursement. Then if would be up to Apple to manage refunds under specifically defined reasons (illness, death) and refunded tickets would be reallocated according some waiting list.

What ever the system, it’s human nature to find fault.



You should google something before running your mouth.

The term carpetbaggers was also used to describe the white Northern Republican political appointees who came South, arriving with their travel carpetbags. Southerners considered them ready to loot and plunder the defeated South.[1]

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