Xcode Update Adds iOS 4.3.2 Support

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Along with the laundry list of updates Apple released late on Thursday, the company also rolled out Xcode 4.0.2. The update for the Mac OS X, iPhone and iPad application development environment added support for the iOS 4.3.2 update.

Xcode 4Xcode 4.0.2

Xcode 4.0.2 also fixed several issues such as an iOS Simulator bug when running OpenGL ES apps, a Core Data model mapping bug, an LLMV compiler 2.0 bug that could cause app crashes on iOS devices, and several other bugs.

Xcode 4.0.2 is priced at US$4.99 and is available at Apple’s Mac App Store.



Wasn’t XCode a free download once upon a time ?


It is still a free download for members of the free developer program. It is, however, a huge download for those of us without unlimited speed on our internet and this is the third FULL 4.5gb download in as many weeks.


Actually, Apple has split its “Developer Program” into a “Mac Developer Program” and an “iOS Developer Program.”  The two new programs don’t have a free tier; however, they are a lot cheaper than the paid tiers of the old program, if I recall correctly—I never signed up for anything but the free level.  I do not know if Apple is still admitting people to the old program, or if I’m just grandfathered in; however, XCode has also split along with the developer programs.  XCode 3.x (3.2.6, last I checked) is available for free to “members of the free developer program” like me; XCode 4.x is free to paid members of the new programs, or available to anybody with an AppleID (and Mac OS X 10.6.6 or above…) for $4.99 through the Mac App Store.  I don’t know if XCode 3.2.x is going to be updated any more, so even though I don’t use any of the GUI tools I’m probably going to have to switch soon to keep my gcc libraries current.

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