Yahoo!/Apple Weather Apps Add Neighborhood Info, Here’s How to Get It

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Apple and Yahoo! have rolled out neighborhood-specific weather in their respective weather apps for iOS. This isn't just in iOS 7—where it was first noticed on reddit—but also for iOS 6 and iOS 5, and possibly others.

The change appears to have been pushed by Yahoo!, whose data powers Apple's default for iOS as well as Yahoo!'s new Yahoo! Weather app.

The feature requires Location Services to be active for the specific app in question.

Location Services

Location Services "On" for Weather and Yahoo! Weather

When you do so, you'll see your local weather. In the screenshot below, there's the default weather info for a city, San Jose in this case. On the right, we have Location Services turned on, and now local weather shows up as "Northlake," a neighborhood in San Jose.


Apple's in iOS 6.x

Similarly, Yahoo!'s Weather app will give us neighborhood-specific data. In this particular example, all of the weather info is the same, but microclimates can often differ dramatically.

Yahoo! Weather App Neighborhood

Yahoo! Weather App

Some of the microclimate data is named after the buildings where the data is collected, such as museums, hotels, banks, and office buildings., a browser-based weather service, has become quite popular in part because it offers neighborhood data.

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Glenn Gutierrez

Odd. Location on for both. I saw the “Brookvale” neighborhood flash for a second (3 miles south of here), then gone. Plain old city of “Fremont” in both apps, now, just like before. Am I missing a different setting somewhere?

Bryan Chaffin

Try quitting the app (from the app switcher) and relaunching it. I didn’t have to do a restart to get it, but that would likely do the trick, too.

Glenn Gutierrez

No change, but it’s now got me in neighboring Union City and the spinner in the menu bar won’t stop. I’ll try again later. Thanks for the heads up!

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