Yahoo! Beats Apple with Video Chats from iPhone to Mac

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Yahoo! announced Monday the release of Yahoo! Messenger 2.0 for iPhone, an update that brings video chats from iPhone to a Mac or PC (or vice versa) before Apple. Apple introduced Facetime video chats from iPhone to iPhone or iPod touch, but the company has not yet made the technology available for Mac OS X or Windows.

In any event, Yahoo! Messenger 2.0 allows voice and video calls to other Messenger users on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, Macs, or PCs running Windows. iPod touch is supported in this release.

The update also adds better multitasking support for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 devices running iOS 4.1 or later.

Yahoo! Messenger is a free download, and it is available now from the App Store.

Yahoo! Messenger 2.0 Screenshot

This Messenger user apparently only has very pretty friends

Yahoo! Messenger 2.0 Screenshot

A Yahoo Messenger 2.0 Video Chat

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What will be interesting to see is when Apple integrates FaceTime into iChat if it can handle the multi-chat feature. Imagine having a four person video chat on your phone?

Constable Odo

Four person chat on a cellphone network?  Won’t that kind of bog down the carriers’ networks or turn chat into slideshow mode.  Is there even any indication that consumers will even take to FaceTime?  I think in theory FaceTime is awesome, but I don’t quite see it as the iPhone’s killer app due to current network limitations.

Lee Dronick

I think in theory FaceTime is awesome, but I don?t quite see it as the iPhone?s killer app due to current network limitations.

I think that currently FaceTime is restricted to WiFi. If so then 3 or 4 chats is possible without bogging things down too much. Of course this Yahoo app works on 3G, as well as WiFi, and that might be a problem. However,  I would think the 3G system could handle several people are in the same area FaceTiming with other people at various locations then it could handle one person in a multiple chat.


I tried this last night. It does NOT work iPhone to Mac. It does do iPhone to PC, though.

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