Yahoo Employees Gaming App Store, Posting 5-Star Axis Reviews

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Yahoo Axis Employee 5 Star

Yahoo! employees may be gaming the iTunes App Store by posting five-star reviews of their company’s new Axis web browser and search tool, The Next Web reported Saturday. The launch of Axis is the first major step by the struggling company following the scandal and termination of its former CEO, Scott Thompson. 

Axis, launched last week, is a search and Web browsing service that gives users access to a common search experience via apps on the iPhone and iPad, and web browser plugins on Windows and OS X.

The service provides relevant trending searches, visual previews of websites, instant search results while the user types, and a customizable homepage with saved searches and websites. It also syncs searches and search history between a user’s computer and device, making it a convenient solution for users on the go.

Axis launched to mostly positive reviews, but it appears that some Yahoo! employees wanted to raise the app’s rating even further. The Next Web, surprised by the 4.5 out of 5 rating that Axis received on the App Store, found several five star reviews written by Yahoo! employees, including David Ishimaru, the company’s patent counsel, Ethan Batraski, director of product management, and Brian Koch, an engineer at its Network Operations Center. 

While employees writing app store reviews for their company’s products and services is common, but frowned upon in some quarters, the fact that Yahoo! would engage in such questionable behavior so soon after the highly public scandal involving its CEO is surprising.

Of course, there’s also a slim chance that the individuals posting App Store reviews just happen to have the same names as certain Yahoo! employees. We’ve reached out to Yahoo! for clarification but the company has not yet responded. We’ll let you know if and when they do.

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Won’t be the first. You’d think they would have learned from the mistakes of others…


Keep in mind that those two links refer to Reverb Communications, which was a company hired by developers to improve their ratings.

Dare I say that these people might actually like a product that their company produces?

Matthew Graczyk

Yahoo!‘s new Axis browser is one of the most innovative evolutions in the browser market. It isn’t a contender for the desktop market but shines in iOS, where the Axis app is WAY faster/better than Safari for iPhones and iPads. It’s bookmarking functionality doesn’t compare to but a valiant effort!


It?s bookmarking functionality doesn?t compare to but a valiant effort!

Might not be a bad idea to also mention that you are CEO of

//just sayin’

Scott B in DC

Yahoo is trying to game the system… really? What’s next? Will you try to sell me on the idea that there is no shill bidders on eBay!!

Matthew Graczyk

Might not be a bad idea to also mention that you are CEO of

//just sayin?

I hear you Intruder. I figured it would be annoying for people to read that. No one wants to read posts that are just spam, and someone saying, “Hey I’m the CEO of this company. Come check out our stuff.” is just annoying. My comment was genuine, which I can prove if you check out my Facebook page ( where I posted 4 days earlier the exact same sentiments but with no mention of iCrumz. By mentioning iCrumz in the way that I did, I believe that only people who are genuinely interested in an alternative bookmarking platform would bother to check it out. If I was trying to be disingenuous I would have posted anonymously or under a false name. It’s no secret or hard to figure out that I am the CEO of iCrumz as you learned yourself. But it’s a tough call whether to point out my affiliation when making a post that mentions my company. Maybe you’re right that I should have done that.

Curious Observer

That’s a pretty serious allegation to be making.  If three out of the 1397 ratings came from Yahoo employees who tried the browser and happened to like it, would that be gaming the system?


every company which adds to Apple will achieve success!

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