Yahoo! Snatches Up Another Microsoft Veteran

Internet search company Yahoo! is bringing yet another Microsoft alum into the fold now that it is hiring Bill Shaughnessy to serve as its senior vice president of product management, according to AllThingsD. Mr. Shaughnessy previously served as a senior advertising sales executive at Microsoft.

Like many other former Microsoft employees, Mr. Shaughnessy left in 2008 during the company’s online division reorganization.

Yahoo! said in a statement:

Bill Shaughnessy will join Yahoo! as Senior Vice President of Product Management, beginning July 12, 2010. Reporting to Chief Product Officer Blake Irving, Bill will work with our products leadership team to help drive Yahoo!’s ongoing product strategy across global consumer and advertising products.

Blake Irving happens to be another Microsoft executive that left the company in 2008.

Yahoo! also recently hired Bobby Figeuroa as vice president of product management. Along with his tenure at Microsoft, he also spent some time working at Yahoo! rival Google.

With Microsoft’s latest round of layoffs underway, there may be even more former employees for Yahoo! to snatch up.