Yojimbo Comes to the iPad

Bare Bones Software announced the immediate availability of Yojimbo 1.0 for the iPad on Tuesday. Along with introducing an iPad version of the content storage and organization tool, Bare Bones also released Yojimbo 3.0 for the Mac with built-in document scanning support.

Yojimbo for the iPad supports one-way syncing over Wi-Fi from Yojimbo 3.0 for the Mac, and can access notes, bookmarks, PDF documents, serial numbers, passwords, encrypted documents, and Web archives from Yojimbo databases. It also supports collections and offers built-in search support.

Yojimbo for the iPad

Version 1.0 offers Mac to iPad syncing, but Bare Bones hopes to add two way syncing in a future release.

Yojimbo 3.0 for the Mac offers the ability to scan from TWAIN-compliant scanners directly into Yojimbo databases, and includes a preference controls for managing iPad syncing. The scanning feature doesn’t include controls for setting image resolution or managing color since the application is intended for document management and not document editing.

Yojimbo 1.0 for the iPad is priced at US$9.99 and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

Yojimbo 3.0 for the Mac costs $39 and can be downloaded at the Bare Bones Web site. Upgrades from Yojimbo 2.x are free.