ZOMG! Angry Birds Seasons Adds 15 Valentine Levels

Rovio released the long-expected Valentine’s Day update (Hogs & Kisses) to Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Seasons HD Monday. The free update includes 15 new levels of pink-infused levels with a Valentine’s Day vibe.

The new levels include new objects, new achievements, and the same ol’ smug pigs waiting to get clobbered by your irate birds. There’s also a new Hogs & Kisses icon for the app that will no doubt help users more easily tell Seasons from the original game at a glance.

Angry Birds Seasons HD Hog & Kisses Level 15

Angry Birds Seasons HD Hogs & Kisses - Level -15
(Note that Ted’s score of early efforts score of 144K was still only good enough for 2 Stars - be prepared to bring it!)

Angry Birds Seasons is an expansion to the obscenely successful Angry Birds franchise. The game was released ahead of Halloween in 2010, and updated for Christmas. The new Hogs & Kisses levels were released to mark Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of the expac, we should note that our very own Angry Birds expert Ted Landau currently holds the #1 top scoring position in Apple’s GameCenter for the iPad version of the game, Angry Birds Seasons HD, thanks to the initial boost from the new levels.

Ted has been engaged in an epic battle in the Top 10 for the last couple of weeks with other obsessive Angry Birds Seasons HD fans (this obsessive reporter is trying to climb past #50).

ted Landau Currently #1

Congrats, Ted!

Angry Birds Seasons (for iPhone and iPod touch) is priced at US$0.99, and Angry Birds Seasons HD (for iPad) is priced at $1.99. As noted above, the new levels are a free update for those who already own the game.